Fibre Reinforced Plastics (fibreglass)

We have been creating structures from glass/carbon reinforced polyesters and epoxies since the early 1990's. We employ aircraft certified composite technicians to ensure that all GRP components are made to the highest quality. We have vast experience in low volume highly spec'd components which use: hand and vacuum assisted layup, vacuum bagging, etc. In addition to this Aero Services has extensive experience in the manufacture of specialised lightweight sandwich panels for applications such as floor boards for a range of different vehicles.).

We are currenlty in the process of comepleting our Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Licence, Part 145 (Cat: B) for Composite Structures Maintenance  which will allow us to release your repaired components in to service. We will be one of the only companies in South Africa to hold all three (Part 145 ,147, 148) licences at one time.