J41 Cargo Conversion Installation

CNC Routing of Sandwich Panel

Carbon Fibre Stretcher Assembly

Airborne Patient Care System- Beechcraft 1900D

Cargo Dual Lock System

Exploded Drawing and BOM

CNC machining of Dashboard mould

6-axis Robotic Trimming

Solidworks Render

Vacuum Formed Rear End

Mould / Pattern Manufacture

Aero Services has been making tooling for over twenty-five years. We have extensive experience in making moulds/tools for vacuum forming, fibreglass layup and polymer casting. This experience coupled with our two CNC gantry machines and CAD design allow us to machine precision tooling for complex 3D shapes. Due to the digital control of the design and machining we always have a high level of confidence that the final component will be correct. This digital controlled process is followed up by having skilled pattern makers in house to do the final checking and ad hoc work that cannot be programmed.

CNC Router Machining

Aero Services also does a lot of 2D and 3D router machining of soft materials such as: composite sandwich panels, aluminium sheet and billet, ABS, polycarbonate, PVC, marine ply and MDF.