Aviation Design, Manufacturing and Certification

Aero Services is one of the very few companies in South Africa with both South African Civil Aviation Design Organisation and Manufacturing Organisation approval (DMP21). These approvals enable us to be uniquely suited to provide turnkey services for your aircraft, whether it be spare parts made per sample, composite refurbishment, or a full STC.

We provide aircraft interior components/systems such as:

  • Tray tables,

  • Arm rest covers,

  • Shrouds,

  • Interior trim pieces etc.,

  • Galleys and TSO’d galley equipment,

  • Equipment racks for antenna, LIDAR etc.,

  • Airborne Patient Care Systems,

  • Intrusion and penetration resistant Cockpit doors,

  • Cargo handling systems,

  • LOPA Certifications and Commercial/Civil Bulkheads.

We provide aircraft exterior components/systems such as:

  • Cargo pods,

  • Geo survey equipment and stores,

  • Wingtip lenses,

  • Composite fairings and stingers.

We have over 20 years’ experience in vacuum thermoforming components for the aircraft industry. We have formed a large variety of components such as: side wall panels, tray tables, seat backs, seat fairings and many more. We have a wide range of material that enable us to meet FAR25.853 flammability specifications.

Notable Supplemental Type Certificates / PMA Projects completed (SACAA Approved):

  • Intrusion and Penetration Resistant Cockpit Doors in accordance with FAA Advisory Circulars:

    • B7372-200/300/400/500

    • B747-200/300

    • Fokker F28-4000

    • L382G (C130)

  • B737-300 Freighter Centreline Guiderail Installation

  • B747-200 Main Deck Baggage Stowage

  • Jetstream 4100 Cargo Conversion (Full Passenger to Cargo Conversion Kit)

  • B737-300/400 Moveable Curtain Class Divider Header Assembly

  • Airborne Patient Care Systems:

    • King Air 90/100/200

    • Beech 1900 D

    • Pilatus PC 12

    • HS125-800

  • Dry Galley and Stowage Systems

    • B727-200

    • B737-200/300

    • B747-200

    • DC9-32

    • MD80 Series

    • Beech 1900 D

  • Let 410 New Look Interior Conversion

We have over 100 STC's and PMA's to our name!

Composite Manufacture, Repair and Refurbishment

We have been creating structures from glass/carbon reinforced polyesters and epoxies since the early 1990's. We employ aircraft certified composite technicians to ensure that all GRP components are made to the highest quality. We have vast experience in low volume highly spec'd components which use: hand and vacuum assisted layup, vacuum bagging, etc. In addition to this Aero Services has extensive experience in the manufacture of specialised lightweight sandwich panels for applications such as floor boards for a range of different vehicles.).

Aero Services is an SACAA apporved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Licence, Part 145 (Cat: B) for Composite Structures Maintenance which allows us to release repaired components in to service. We are one of the only companies in South Africa to hold all three (Part 145 ,147, 148) licences at one time.